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Furniture you will find the widest range of varieties of custom made furniture. We are manufacturing such type of custom made furniture which gives the perfect and elegant look to your houses, offices and other places. Custom made furniture gives your office an elegant and fashionable look. Custom made furniture includes the following gadgets chairs, tables, drawers and many other furniture items. 


Project Based Quoting

Free Initial Budget Estimate to fully furnish your workspace to estimate the total project price and evaluate the saving through the project. Request a quote by contacting our sales team or visit our showrooms.


Space Management and Consultancy

Ask for consultation in term of space management, project management , personalized planning, assessment budget development, purchasing and installation of office furniture.


Choose Color, Finishes & Sizes

Dubai Furniture Factory as an office furniture manufacturer providing the option to customize the size, color and finish of your office furniture to meet requirement of every work space design, vision and budget.

Contemporary Office Furniture Dubai

The whole Gulf is progressed with magnificent greatness, exceptional hang out goals, fervor and fun spots, veritable social edges and last yet not the smallest, the energetic shopping experiences. In Dubai, there are in excess of hundred significant and gigantic malls, markets, downtown territories advancement sole outlets and retail goals, where one can find everything under a similar housetop. While searching for nuclear family things, the furnishings, staples and food things are women need. They need to do shopping of private things rather than personals.

Modern Luxurious Furniture

office furniture exists in UAE with genuine investigation and promise to give the wide extents of contemporary office furniture in Dubai and extraordinary inside complex topic answers for their regarded customers not locally but instead comprehensive. Following a serious extended period of time of amazingness the inflexibly creating name of office furniture is exhibiting that checking and advantage don't have any kind of effect, what has any kind of effect is the clients achievements and trusts. The association was thusly made such fantastic and ultra current thoughts of inside complex format and furnishing which give all what you require and what suit you best.

Custom-Made Modern and Luxury Office Furniture Manufacturers

Office furniture is best known for their quality, durability, good construction, extensive strength and long service life. Our well-versed design furniture can make your working environment effectively and more convenient. We provide exclusive collections of Office furniture to home offices and commercial places. In today’s working environment, office furniture requirements are increases at a high level. We have exclusive collections of office furniture and we manufacture all types of furniture with very comfortable and provides extra support to the lower back body so that one who sits for long hours without any health issues. We offering a high range of modern office furniture with a stylish and modern at the best price to satisfy the customers because we are focusing on the quality of the furniture rather than quantity to meet the client expectations. Our top quality office furniture is a classic piece of furniture that has the ability to transform your workspace as a comfort zone.

Furniture Factory Dubai - Office Furniture
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Office Furniture Dubai

Office Furniture Factory in Dubai

cant industrial points where the global business hub is on its successful quest towards brand new, conceptual ideas, envisaged at tackling the world-wide economic situation. While constructing a personal or professional space here at Dubai, the top office furniture factory in Dubai, while you officially discuss your desired furnishing ideas. Furniture Factory has already gained prominence as a palace of an adorable, beautiful collection of super-modern furniture, in Dubai. Furniture Factory is a dream destination, where you can get all kinds of furniture essential to fit in your personal or professional space, in a wise way.

the best office furniture factory in Dubai features a grand furniture collection that caters to the needs of multiple spaces such as school, college, laboratories, offices, commercial spaces, hotels, kindergarten, lodges etc. For each space, Highmoon has developed versatile combinations of luxurious furniture that comes in a diverse range of colors, sizes, designs, and shapes. We do realize your customization requests as per your requirements. The following are the quality-assured packages available for the spaces we mentioned before:

  1. Office Furniture: office table, workstations, executive desks, L-shaped office desks, office storage cabinets, ergonomic chairs, leisure chairs, bar stools, coffee tables, modular sofas, media display stands, conference and meeting tables, height adjustable sit-stand desks, reception desks, desktop tables etc.
  2. Hotel Furniture: coffee tables & chairs, dining tables & chairs, reception desks, luxury sofas, media display stands, tv stands, kitchen furniture (metal), outdoor furniture, desktop tables, storage cabinets, housekeeping room furniture etc. Hotel room furniture like bed and mattress, dressing table, tv stand, storage cabinet, & coffee table.
  3. School Furniture: Student desks and benches, teachers’ desks, staff room furniture, storage cabinets, office tables, laboratory furniture, desktop tables, bookshelves, kids’ tables & chairs, playhouse toys, tunnel toys, plastic shelves, kindergarten furniture etc.
  4. Library Furniture: reception desks, computer tables, reference desk, wooden chairs, bookshelves, storage cabinets, media display stands etc.

Furniture Factory in Dubai Where Bulk Furniture Manufacturing Can Do

Furniture factory has the best-imported types of machinery in our factory for wood cutting, drilling, edging, smoothing, and spray painting equipment’s which will ease the making of furniture more faster and adding high quality & durability. So manufacturing any kind of furniture in bulk is very easy for us and it is not a time taking the task. office furniture factory is capable to manage bulk furniture production and has earned a high number of serious clients such as  Furniture Factory has always made clear what furniture sales mean for us beyond a profit-oriented business movement. We are of the belief that every single user of our furniture should love to use them in terms of how it is being designed, crafted and finished. They are mixed up with the finest colors to give out the brightest indoor spaces, that easily cop-up with the interior designs you have employed.

Located in Dubai (UAE), we supply the exclusive furniture across other UAE cities Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain. We have the supply of the same across other GCC nationals like Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

Office Furniture Dubai

We do very beautiful and very comfortable unique office furniture. We focusing UAE and Middle East Market to establish our products. We give a free consultation to our customers. Site Visit, making floor plan gives the right advice to the customer, we help to choose furniture design and colors and also advise the customer, matching other color concepts to build a very unique and beautiful office.

Office Furniture Company will suggest the customer, once visit the site, then advise the customer what color fit for your office. Off-white or brown office concepts need wood look, like teak, walnut, mahogany, dark oak with black or dark brown combination office furniture. Warm white lighting, wood looking flooring, brown ceramic, or carpet flooring will bring a warmer and calm working environment business get to improve and employees get peace put more productivity and growth.